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Personal Finance Mantras To Live By

1. You Cannot Personal Finance Your Way Out Of Poverty The best selling secret to doing well financially is “cut on your expenses and live below your means. Only spend on the essentials and save everything else.” That’s the secret…

Rich & Anonymous

Rich and Anonymous

Social Debt Morgan Housel recently wrote a piece that left me in deep thoughts, He wrote(emphasis mine): “I once did some consulting for a family that’s worth $8 Billion. If you Googled their name, nothing came up. No Forbes list,…

How To Manage Your Finances With Irregular Income

irregular income

Nowadays, career paths have changed. There are a lot of people working in the gig economy as freelancers, content creators, project managers, product managers, and the like. With the rise in these seasonal opportunities to make money, there’s a need…

When The Money is Too Good


Last week, Piers Morgan in his show “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” hosted OnlyFans Influencer, Elle Brooke and the conversation left me in deep thoughts. Here’s the part that caught my attention. Piers Morgan: Tell me more about yourself. What were you…